2' x 3' Blue Treasures By The Sea Hooked Rug

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Brand: CFF

Color: Blue


  • DECORATE WITH NAUTICAL STYLE. This colorful rug adds coastal style to any room.
  • INSPIRED BY THE COASTAL LIFESTYLE. Perfect for any home inland or near the beach
  • COLORFUL PATTERN. Features a beige background with blue stripes and shells
  • MEASURES 2' x 3'. Use it in an entryway or at the foot of a sink. Weighs 2.6 lbs
  • DURABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY. Features a hooked design made from soft wool

Publisher: C&F

Details: It's one of those perfect Saturday mornings, 72 degrees, clear skies, the sun beaming overhead without a single cloud to conceal it. It's the day you've been longing for all week, and it's exactly what you need to kick this summer holiday off on the right foot. You hear your family downstairs and peer over the railing, everyone is already dressed and ready to go, and you realize that you're not the only one looking forward to this day. With a cooler packed for lunch and a tote stocked with sunscreen, extra layers (just in case it gets chilly), and enough water bottles to survive a drought, you make the short trip to the dock, start loading the kids and bags onto the boat, and take a glance over your shoulder to see the lighthouse at the end of the beach, its whitewashed wood façade catching the sunlight at just the right angle. The day progresses as you hoped it would, with beaming smiles, sweet sea breezes, friendly exchanges with neighbors on boats passing by, and the enjoyment of the summer salads you made fresh this morning. After several hours on the water, you decide to dock and spend the early evening with a lobster roll dinner enjoyed barefoot on the beach. At the first sign of sunset, you return to the house, bags in tow, children now weary from a full day of activities. Entering through the back door, you take one last glance at the dock and at the lighthouse, now bathed in a summer sundown. Always careful not to dirty the kitchen floor with sand and water, you slip off your boat shoes and leave them on the rug by the door, the one you bought when you were daydreaming about days exactly like this. 2 feet x 3 feet Blue Treasures By The Sea Hooked Rug by C and F. Rectangular hooked design crafted from 100% wool. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet, perfect for placing in an entryway or at the foot of a sink.