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Canvas Tote Bags with Embroidery

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  • COLORFUL, CASUAL LOOK. Carry your beach gear and personal items in style
  • EMBROIDERED ACCENTS. Features contrast accents and embroidery for added charm
  • DOUBLE HANDLES FOR EASY CARRYING. Two top handles make it comfortable to carry
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS AND SIZES. Comes in a variety of colors and shapes
  • MADE FROM COTTON FABRIC. Crafted from durable canvas fabric for long-lasting use
There's something about a quiet morning on the beach that just makes you want to smile, inside and out. Perhaps it’s the naivete of the gulls as they swoop down in hopes of scavenging the last morsels of food left from beachgoers the day before. Maybe it's the way the sun shines on the edges of the rocks along the jetty. Or maybe it's just the silence and the solitude - interrupted only by the squish of sand beneath the occasional feet of a jogger running along the shoreline. This morning was like all the rest - a few people passed by here and there but, for the most part, the beach was desolate. Taking refuge in the serene atmosphere, you watch the gentle waves lapping at the shore and squint to enjoy the sun climbing into its expected position, higher and higher in the sky. It's time to take a sip of crisp, cold water, time to pull out your tablet and pick up where you left off on your best-selling summer novel, and time to slip on the sunglasses that keep you shielded from the sun and from the world. You reach into your favorite summer tote bag, find everything you're looking for, and sink into your beach blanket with your toes in the sand. Canvas Tote Bag, crafted from durable cotton canvas for long-lasting use. Detailed with contrast trim, accented with colorful embroidery, and available in a range of sizes to hold all of your summer essentials."